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Stranger (2017) Korean Thriller Mystery Law Drama Dubbed in Urdu Hindi
Description: Experience the captivating 2017 Korean thriller, Stranger, now available in Hindi, thanks to Mx Player. Dive into the world of mystery and law as you watch this engaging drama for free on Mx Player. Don't miss the opportunity to watch and download the Hindi-dubbed version. If you're unsure how to proceed, check out the 
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Drama: South Korean
Total Episodes: 16
Duration: 70 min.
Content Rating: 15+
Aired: Jun 10, 2017 – Jul 30, 2017
Also Known as: Secret Forest , Forest of Secrets , Bimilui Soop , Bimilui Sup , Stranger Season 1
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Law, Drama

Stranger (2017) Korean Drama Storyline:

In a future society where synthetic control governs emotions to uphold social order, Hwang Shi Mok stands out as an exceptional prosecutor known for his unwavering logic and clear judgment. Despite the meticulously regulated environment, he becomes an anomaly, immune to the emotion-suppressing system that dominates others. This uniqueness makes him both a valuable asset and an outsider.

When a series of mysterious murders disrupts the meticulously regulated world, Shi Mok faces a challenging case that shakes his perspective. During his investigation, he crosses paths with Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin, a detective possessing an unusual skill set: heightened empathic abilities in a society where emotions are deemed a liability.

Their stories intertwine as they navigate a world that suppresses natural human emotions. Shi Mok, devoid of feelings due to surgery, and Yeo Jin, with heightened emotional intelligence, form an unlikely alliance to unravel the truth behind the murders. They expose a complex web of corruption and deceit reaching the highest echelons of power.

As they delve deeper into the case, they realize that solving the mystery requires not only logic and intelligence but also an understanding of the unspoken nuances of human emotion. This is something both Shi Mok's surgical procedure and societal norms have stripped away from them.

The narrative unfolds as the duo must navigate the delicate balance between logic and emotion, uncovering the truth in a world where emotions are regulated, suppressed, and misunderstood. Their partnership challenges the very foundation of their society’s beliefs, leading to a gripping exploration of humanity and the essence of empathy in a world governed by rationality.

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