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Eternal Love Rain, a Chinese adventure, historical, romantic, and fantasy drama originally released in 2020, is now available with Hindi dubbing on Mx Player. You can stream Eternal Love Rain in Hindi on Mx Player and indulge in this captivating drama at no cost. The drama can be both streamed and downloaded in its Hindi-dubbed version. If you're unsure about how to watch or download it, please refer to the instructional video below. We hope you relish this drama and kindly share your thoughts and comments.


Title: Chinese Drama-Peerless Rain
Episode Count:24
Status: Finished Airing
Episode Duration: Approximately 32 minutes per episode
Rating: Not Applicable (NA)
Airing Period: November 28, 2020, to May 3, 2021
Alternate Titles: Peerless Rain, Qing Shi Jin Lin Gu Yu Lai, King Sai Gam Leun Guk Yu Loi, The Rain of Scale Valley
Genres: Adventure, History, Romance, Fantasy

Eternal Love Rain Chinese Drama Storyline:

This is the destined love story of Ning Xiu Rui and Su Yin Yin. It all began when Ning Xiu Rui, the second prince of the Dragon Clan, embarked on a mission to end a devastating drought that plagued both the earth and its human inhabitants. During this quest, he fell head over heels in love with a young girl from a humble village. In a heartfelt gesture, he presented her with his prized inverted dragon scale and pledged to return to her side. However, when he came back as promised, the girl was nowhere to be found.
Frantic and disheartened, Ning Xiu Rui scoured every corner in search of his beloved, believing he had fallen victim to deception. Stranded without his dragon scale, he found himself unable to return home. Five centuries passed, and Ning Xiu Rui roamed the world on the brink of despair. It was during this time that he sensed a peculiar presence, that of his long-lost dragon scale.
To his astonishment, the dragon scale was now in the possession of a woman named Su Yin Yin, who bore a striking resemblance to the enigmatic girl who had eluded him in the past. Can their love be rekindled? What untold events unfolded in their history? Dive into this captivating drama, and be sure to share your thoughts and reviews below.

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