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Dark Hole, a Korean action-thriller, horror, and sci-fi film from 2021, is now available in Hindi dubbed version on Mx Player. You can catch this thrilling drama for free on Mx Player, and it's also possible to both watch and download it in Hindi. If you're unsure how to go about it, check out the instructional video on downloading. We hope you enjoy this drama and encourage you to share your thoughts and comments.


Genre: South Korean Drama
Episode Count: 12
Airing Status: Finished
Runtime: 62 minutes per episode
Age Rating: 15+
Airing Dates: April 30, 2021, to June 5, 2021
Alternate Titles: Dakeuhol, Another Class,  eonadeo keullaeseu
Featured Genres: Action, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi

                       Dark Hole Korean Drama Storyline

This is the tale of two unlikely allies, police officer Lee Hwa Sun and car driver Yoo Tae Han, brought together by extraordinary circumstances. It all began when a mysterious gas triggered the emergence of mutants. In the midst of this chaos, they crossed paths in the now-monstrous town of Mujishi. Lee Hwa Sun had ventured there to unravel the mystery behind her husband's tragic murder, while Yoo Tae Han, a former police officer entangled in a scandal, had embraced a carefree existence.
The enigmatic past of Yoo Tae Han raises questions. Was he somehow linked to the murder of Lee Hwa Sun's husband? Dive into the unfolding drama and don't forget to share your thoughts and reviews below.

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