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"Touch Your Heart" is a Korean drama officially dubbed in Urdu/Hindi. You can stream or download it using the links provided below. If you're unsure how to download, simply click on the "How to Download" link for guidance. We welcome your feedback in the comments section. Thank you!


DRAMA: Korean

LANGUAGE: Hindi Dubbed

STATUS: Complete



Oh Yoon Seo, a renowned actress celebrated for her stunning beauty but lacking in acting skills, finds herself entangled in a scandal involving a chaebol family's son. This scandal takes a toll on her acting career. However, her fortunes change when she discovers that a prominent scriptwriter intends to cast her as the leading lady in a new series. The catch? She must first gain real-world experience by working as a legal secretary.

Kwon Jung Rok, a cold-hearted and arrogant lawyer, becomes her temporary employer for this purpose, as requested by his supervisor. As Oh Yoon Seo steps into the role of a lawyer's secretary, their paths cross, and their professional lives become intertwined.

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