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Title: "The Renegade - Also Known as Rebel: The People's Thief"

Language: Urdu/Hindi Dubbed Korean Drama (Official)

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Drama: Korean

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Status: Complete

Total Episodes: 60


"In the heart of the Joseon Dynasty, a figure emerged who didn't steal from the people's pockets, but rather, he captured their minds and hearts. This person was none other than Hong Gil Dong, a controversial character revered by the commoners but despised by the ruling elite. Meanwhile, King Yeonsangun, despite his royal lineage, faced rejection from his subjects. This series delves into the epic clash between these two individuals, illustrating the qualities of a true leader.

Hong Gil Dong, born into slavery, managed to win the affection of the ordinary people. Through his struggles against the oppressive wealthy elites, this show paints a vivid picture of his life, depicting the arduous journey of survival in a harsh and unforgiving nation."

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