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Title: "Fu Yao's Legend: Chinese Drama in Hindi/Urdu Dub with Download Links"


Drama: Chinese

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Release Schedule: New episodes every Tuesday

Total Episodes: 66


"Fu Yao's Legend" is an epic drama that follows the incredible journey of Meng Fuyao, portrayed by Yang Mi. Originally a slave, she transforms into a formidable martial artist and embarks on a quest to uncover her true identity while protecting her loved ones.


Set in a captivating fictional realm filled with political intrigue, power struggles, and mystical elements, the story unfolds as Fuyao ventures through different lands. Along her path, she encounters allies and adversaries, uncovering surprising revelations about her own heritage. During her journey, she forges a deep connection with Crown Prince Zhangsun Wuji, played by Ethan Juan, transcending their individual goals.

You can enjoy this captivating Chinese drama, dubbed in Hindi, by watching or downloading it using the provided links below. If you're unsure how to download, simply click on the "How to Download" link for guidance. Your feedback in the comments is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

  1. From Doodsm(Best Choice) ~ WATCH+DN

  2. From Strmv(New 480p) ~ WATCH+DN

  3. From GDrive(Have Limit) ~ WATCH

  4. From GDrive(Have Limit) ~ DOWNLOAD

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