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"Ice Fantasy" is a Chinese drama officially dubbed in Urdu/Hindi. You can watch or download it using the links below. If you're unsure how to download, click on the "How to Download" link provided. We appreciate your feedback in the comments. Thank you!


Drama: Chinese

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Status: Complete

Total Episodes: 62


"Ice Fantasy" follows the journey of Prince Ka Suo, a half-human, half-ice elf prince of the Ice Tribe. The story unfolds in the fantastical realms of the Ice Tribe and Fire Tribe. When Prince Ying Kong Shi, his brother, betrays him and seizes the kingdom, Ka Suo embarks on a perilous mission to reclaim his rightful throne. Along the way, he encounters numerous challenges, formidable adversaries, and uncovers the truth about his family's mysterious past.

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