Destined With You [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Episode 04 Added – starfilx

 "Destined with You" is a Korean drama that has been officially dubbed in Urdu/Hindi. You can either stream or download it using the provided links below. If you're unsure about the downloading process, click on the "How to Download" link for guidance. Please share your feedback in the comments section. Thank you!


DRAMA: Korean
LANGUAGE: Hindi Dubbed
STATUS: New episodes every Wednesday & Thursday

Meet Lee Hong Jo, the lowest-ranking government employee, known for her unwavering dedication to her job despite facing numerous civil complaints. In her personal life, she's accustomed to solitude until one day, she stumbles upon an antique wooden trunk and the key to breaking Jang Shin Yu's centuries-old curse.

Jang Shin Yu, on the other hand, is a brilliant and handsome attorney who garners attention wherever he goes. However, he carries an undiagnosed ailment that worsens with time. Desperate to end the generational curse that plagues his family, he unexpectedly becomes entangled with a civil worker who holds the key to his legal liberation. Together, they ignite an unforeseen romance.

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