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EPISODE COUNT: 16 in total

Title: "Our Beloved Summer"

"Our Beloved Summer" is a heartwarming Korean drama that revolves around the lives of four friends who reunite after many years for a memorable summer vacation. As they navigate through their personal struggles, hidden secrets, and unexpected romance, they rediscover the true meaning of friendship and the importance of cherishing precious moments.


Lee Min-ji as Park Soo-yeon: A charismatic and independent young woman who works as a successful fashion designer. She carries a deep emotional scar from her past and finds solace in her friends.
Kim Ji-hoon as Kim Min-woo: A charming and talented musician who is chasing his dreams of becoming a renowned singer-songwriter. He harbors a hidden affection for Park Soo-yeon.
Park Eun-ha as Choi Ji-ah: A kind-hearted and optimistic woman who runs a small café. She is the glue that holds the group together and provides emotional support to her friends.
Choi Seo-jun as Kang Joon-ho: A free-spirited and adventurous guy with a love for travel and photography. He brings a sense of spontaneity and excitement to the group.
Han Soo-jin as Yoo Eun-ji: A successful businesswoman and childhood friend of Park Soo-yeon. She struggles to balance her career and personal life, which leads to unexpected consequences.
Kim Sang-woo as Lee Hyun-woo: A talented chef and a childhood friend of Kim Min-woo. He adds a touch of humor and lightness to the group dynamic.
Song Ji-yoon as Kang Mi-yeon: Kang Joon-ho's younger sister, who is studying abroad. Her occasional visits bring a fresh perspective and create some intriguing twists in the story.
Park Young-soo as Park Woo-jin: Park Soo-yeon's older brother, who serves as a protective figure and offers guidance during challenging times.
Together, this talented ensemble cast brings the vibrant characters of "Our Beloved Summer" to life, captivating viewers with their chemistry and compelling performances.

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